Dancing Diamond Pendant Set with 0.38 Ct Lab Grown Diamond and 3.66 Gold Weight

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SGL-Certificate SGL-Certificate SGL-Certificate

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Gold tone plating and white crystals perfectly complement each other in this elegant Luxica Pendant Set. Featuring an infinity symbol, it sparkles like the first stars in the sky at dusk. The Gold tone plated chain and an elegant single crystal complete the design. An ideal gift for a special occasion – for a loved one or yourself!


However, with so many women's Diamond Pendant Set designs in the market today and online stores offering a glimpse of the product across categories, it only gets easier to choose. These pretty Pendant Set  could be given to her on absolutely any occasion. There are simple ones for regular wear and the most intricate and complex patterns for Parties and Festivals. Moreover, Diamond Pendant Set are the best ways to add more beauty . The Jewelry is crafted to perfection from the house of Luxica in the State of the Art manufacturing facility. The Jewelry is blend of pure perfection and Quality. 


*** 100% Certified Diamond Jewelry ***


Product Details:- 

↦ Gold:-  3.66 Gm / 14Kt

↦ Diamond:-  0.38 Ct

↦ Diamond Clarity:-  VVS / VS

↦ Color:-  EF

↦ Certificate:- SGL / IGI


Why Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry:-

So Many Reason for Choose Lab Grown Diamond & Lab Grown Diamonds and here some reason to given


1. Eco-friendly:- One of the other primary benefits of buying them is their sustainability. When land is mined for all sorts of precious stones, it leaves behind scars in the earth that cannot be refilled or recovered from. Diamond mining companies remove earth in tonnes just to find them, and that is avoidable with lab grown diamonds.


2. More affordable:- They’re easy on the pocket! A lab grown diamond of the size, shape and color as its mined equivalent is not only 30%-40% cheaper, but they also come in the same, if not better, shine and quality.


3. You get more for less:- Because they’re more affordable, lab created diamonds give you the chance to buy a bigger stone for less

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